Make A Full-Time Income In Just A Few Hours A Day And Become The Go-To Hypnotist For Stop Smoking Sessions

The Best Bit: Learn a simple system for stop smoking sessions that will make you an expert overnight and never again read, by or write another script.


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We cut right to the chase with 6 unique lessons at hand, to master each step along the way and create the perfect training for those therapists ready to make a full-time income from home or office. The steps provided have been carefully taught to show what it takes to become the stop smoking expert without all the fluff in between. After treating over 3500 stop smoking clients and becoming best known for this achievement, your trainer Scott Jansen puts you in the driver's seat of absolute experience ( and its shows ) Advanced basics made simple.

This is the A-Z Guide

to perfect influence, as you are guided step by step through each crucial point of a stop smoking session and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls in the industry.


Here are the stats [ Resources: ABS Statistics ]
Smoking is a significant risk factor for a range of chronic diseases. Each year, smoking kills an estimated 15,000 Australians and costs Australia
  • In 2011-15, there were 2.8 million Australians aged 18 years and over who smoked daily (16.1%)
  • In 2011-15, men were more likely to smoke daily than women (18.3% compared with 14.1%)
  • Those who live in outer regional and remote areas of Australia had higher rates of daily smoking (22.4%)Compared with those who lived in inner regional (18.4%) or major cities of Australia (14.7%).
  • Research shows that 50% of Australian adults will set New Year’s Resolutions! That is a whopping 26 million people!

" If you haven't already marketed your business to work with stop smoking clients you are missing out on a goldmine of income, referrals, and authority"


Grow your income overnight:

Use societies idea, who think that hypnosis is the easiest way to give up smoking and prove them right with your expert approach to therapy.

Very easy to customize:

A training system designed to include your own hypnotic skill set and enhance them above and beyond your wildest dreams

Unlimited techniques:

The very principles of this training allow the user to define every session to suit the needs of all clients no matter what their personality is

Full of hypnotic goodness:

Not only will this grow your stop smoking authority but the lessons inside will advance all other contexts for a therapy intervention

Designed for flexibility:

If you find scripts and store-bought techniques just don't cut it, this is the training for you to see how hypnosis can be used in the real-world for real world needs

No Boundaries:

Even if you are a beginner this program is designed with you in mind to suit the novice even to the advance


"This program is for the evolving hypnotist ready to add extra authority, income, and expertise to their business by focusing on an area that hits the top 5 list of new years resolutions"

  • A needed hypnosis program for hypnotists to master, as smoking continues to be a significant health and financial burden to many across Australia and around the globe
  • Gives you the expert stop smoking guide to hypnosis and conversational hypnosis that will make you feel like your cheating, as you feel your expertise growing overnight
  • Teaches you how to smoothly use classical and conversational hypnosis in a therapeutic setting while seamlessly blending in any hypnotic procedure
  • Guides you on the step by step formulas rarely taught that will catapult your hypnotic skill set so you start acting, feeling, talking and becoming the authority in your field


"Are YOU READY to be known as the stop smoking guru that will have people lining up at your door"?


Session 1: The stop smoking formula to introduce the correct equation for success

  • Premise for stop smoking
  • Killing some stubborn myths of hypnosis
  • How to change your hypnotic mindset to suit a new casual approach to hypnosis
  • What makes a stop smoking specialist an expert
  • Understanding the setup procedure
  • Expelling categories in hypnosis that keep therapists stuck
  • Creating a new mindset that fit this training
  • How to conclude your own assumptions of stop smoking clients
  • Understanding social assumptions of what happens when we quit smoking
  • Creating a priming monologue
  • How to expand your monologue and priming environment


Session 2: Creating a priming sequence and unconscious environment

  • Setting an unconscious environment for success
  • Using a priming list to learn the monologue
  • Creating a pretalk that works for us and not against your client's understandings
  • Turing your pre-talk conversationally
  • Cutting the pre-talk points that work against you
  • Using the pre-talk with successful direction
  • How to stop conscious alert when starting your session
  • Live monologue example when using positive themes
  • And Much More


Session 3: Priming to stop unconscious relapse and cementing in results

  • What is priming and how to use it
  • How to produce testing scenarios for creativity and on the spot decisions
  • How to stop reality themes interfering with results and clients relapsing
  • When to use testing and how to create a strong hypnotic experience
  • How to use priming during your pretalk
  • Using feedback loops for reality strategies
  • Using feelings, emotions, and sensations to test the unconscious mind
  • How to use soft openers for your testing cycles
  • How to correctly use hard testing for testing cycles
  • And Much More


Session 4-5: Using unconscious context to make stop smoking clients easy to work with

  • Using the correct context for therapy and working with clients
  • How to correctly finish your session before your client leaves your office
  • How to use an end prime
  • Using highlights of the session to produce life-long results
  • How to reiterate a client's unconscious had the power all along
  • How to expand and future pace a client with easy and finesse
  • How to attach positive themes and resources to close off the unconscious mind
  • And Much More

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